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Add me to the list of people who hate the monopoly that is Aqua.

I think they went from quarterly to monthly billing so they could catch more people being "late" and threaten them and collect re-connect fees.

My bill was due Oct 3. On Oct 16 I rec'd a 10 day shut off notice dated 10/10/14 to be shut off 10/23/14. As of 10/23/14 the bill would only be 21 days overdue. Seriously!? And, why does it take 6 days for the 10 day notice to even arrive? I have sent letters to Florida from NJ that got there 2 days later. I paid the overdue part tonight online from my checking account and it should get there Monday. I didn't want to be held hostage to the Western Union fee (to use VISA). I wonder if they have a share in that company? It was much nicer having a local office that I could call or go to when there were problems or my payment was overlooked. btw, We have been in this house 18 years and I think this is our second "late" payment.

Why are WATER companies, of all things, allowed to shut you off so quickly? Good thing nobody in my house has a highly contagious illness. Imagine the family of kids going to school unwashed when their sibling has the flu, or that new virus, or EBOLA! Seems to me it's a public health hazard...

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I want legislation to prevent water companies from shutting people off with such short notice, and for such SHORT lateness. I know it won't happen, but maybe someone will take up the cause..

I didn't like: Payment methods, Calling to report that you paid.

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