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My water was disconnected 12/3 , I paid it the same day and was tol it would be reconnected the next day . 12/4 I got home no water , I called they said it was on .

I call still no water they said they would send someone to check . It is now 12/7 and after being on the phone for seven hours and numerous calls to a "technician" someone just now came and reconnected my service . It surely did not take them three day to have some one disconnect it.

Absolutely the worst customer service EVER! I wish I had a choice on what water company to use.

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Customer service raised her voice at me today, and padded on $120+ in excessive fees after getting disconnected once in nearly 5 years. There is also a breakdown/disconnect in their online payment systems where you must call at let them know you have paid before they will issue a reconnect order.

Even though the online payment system says payments made before 2pm credit the same day.

I paid early in morning, shortly after cut off, Aqua left us without water all day, all night and part of next day. I will be buying food grade barrels to store water for storms/disasters and sorry utilities like Aqua.

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