Aqua America Residential Water Supply Reviews

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Value for money
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Additional Fees
I lived in houston tx Pinetrail subdivision this water company are crooks and thieves.Water bill is so high i have never have a 200 dollar bill until i moved over here. They send you your bill plus cut off notice at the same time then when i call the response is check with your post office really every month its a 30 dollar fee for late notice. Someone needs to do something because it is clearly robbery. I am looking for a different area right...
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This company cuts of your water for maintenance but gives no warning so you can prepare.Cut the water off on a saturday night with a full house. Horrible customer service.Really need to be out of business.
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I paid my bill 5-4-16, they cashed it 5-5-16 and turned off my service and do not have a record of my payment.I tried in vain to get it wait until 8am, I leave for work at 6am. How do you contact a bunch of idiots when you have to work. Sell this place to someone with a brain. I told them I have no heat and just had major surgery and blood clots in my lungs. We heat with radiators hot water. They do not care, said call in the...
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I didn't like
  • That they are still in business